Everyone has one of those days where its just to hard you know. Everything seems to have multiplyed by ten, stress, school, friends, everything. And alot of the time its hard to see the good things in life, i know. Think about it like this, god is testing your strength, you doubt how strong you truly are because you break down and cry, but everyone in there right mind does, when you have nothing else but you strength, you start depending on that, your strong not just because you want to be but because you need to be. When you have nothing else you have your strength, because your way to stubborn to let anyone see you break.

We may not be who we want to be but we are who we need to be.


My weekened was short and pretty good, i watched movies slept and read all day nothing but pure laziness lol. anyway i hope you all had a god weekend to. comeent how your weekend was 🙂


HI!! Lets encourage Nebula over here aka ( miss chatty) on writing about her dried potato today!!JK GIRLIE!! My name is going to stay in the dark for now.. Here are a few things about me. I love to write poetry. reading is one of my favorite things to do, I like to watch movies and eat food on the couch all day!! I have 5 siblings 1 sister and 4 brothers.   🙂

Shes the wind in your hair, shes the stars to ur night, shes the stem to your flower, and the one that keeps you upright.